Arun R Shrivats

Engineer - Scientist - Strategist

About Me

Arun R. Shrivats

I'm an engineer and scientist at Exact Sciences, helping advance eradicating cancer in our lifetime. Our team supports strategy and operations for key programs across the oncology patient journey (including multi-cancer early detection, residual desease applications, and therapy selection), as well as partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions across the business.

Prior to Exact, I spent ~5 years as a strategic partner to pharma, biotech, diagnostics, and tools organizations, first at L.E.K. Consulting (leaving as Engagement Manager) and later at Prescient Advisory (where I helped build an advisory team within the Prescient Healthcare Group).

Prior to L.E.K., I worked at Harvard University's Wyss Institute (Disease Biophysics Group), where I helped develop microphysiological chip-based platforms to model functional and diseased organ states and support drug development for complex diseases. I've had the opportunity to patent this technology and navigate an out-licensing agreement, in part through an appointment with Harvard's Office of Technology Development. Other prior experiences include LifeNet Health, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Toronto.

Outside of the office, I enjoy playing tennis and hockey, cycling around San Francisco, and family trips to state and national parks.




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